Being a drummer, means that you have got preferences between the two sets, you may choose to use either the traditional drum set or the new best electronic drum kits. Both of the choices bear their advantages and drawbacks. Old is gold and hence we can’t ignore the significant role played by the old drum set and embrace the new technology drum.  Commonly, traditional drum sets were made of wood and metal cymbals. The current electronic drum set is made up of rubber, plastic,or mesh. Both drums are good at playing at some level and hence it chooses the one suiting your needs should be based on the following factors;

  • Playability factor
  • Budget
  • Space

Playability Factor

The most crucial factor to consider when making a choice is how playable is your desired drum. An electronic drum kit may appear to be cheap but what about its playability? Imagine how it feels to type on your smartphone yet your screen is not responding! That is the same way you can feel if you run after a cheap electronic drum set. The same applies to acoustic drums, another term referring to traditional drums. The traditional saying “cheap is expensive” lays here.

Budget Factor

The foresaid oxymoron, “cheap is expensive” will remain applicable as far as budgeting is concerned. If your pocket will be a bit shallow, then making a preference foran acoustic drum set will be benefactions to you. This is because the cost of buying an acoustic drum similar to an electronic drum kit is lower. However, if your budget is high, prefer to get an electronic drum set. You should also consider space budgeting. Space here refers to where you will position your drum system and storage in case you will have to make records. If the budget is tight, then run for the acoustic drum set.


Most of the recordings are done in the studio. But suppose you want to have some kind of home studio; will this affect the type of drum set you should purchase or use? The studio is the best place to do the recording. But doing it at home can be challenging due to the echoes and noise. The acoustic kit will poorly perform at home. Probably having dampening devices and acoustic panels can make matters at least helpful. In other words, electronic drum kits are the best in both home and studio recording. Acoustic drums are noisy and the notice can’t be controlled to fit your room size. You will always in differentfrom your neighbors if this will be your choice. This adds more points to electronic drum sets.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between the two drum sets is challenging stuff. But with research like the one you have done will ease things. Electronic drum kits will disappoint you if your budget is tight. For satisfaction, you should be willing to spend some reasonable amount of money. Obtaining a good electronic drum kit will give you amazing recordings that can attract subscribers to your YT channel. Acoustic drumsare more efficient for limited budgets, only that they sound bleed a lot. Let your choice be determined by the above three factors.


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