We are living in the digital era and people are trapped inside their homes as everything they desire would come to their doorstep with a few clicks on their mobile phone. The arrival of online shopping platforms has changed the way people used to shop and spend. In the past and rare cases of the present, we would use our cash in the physical form to buy any products from the physical stores. However, the concept has become outdated in the 21st century as everything has gone digital. Now, we are roaming around without cards and their CVV numbers in mind. Whatever you buy online, you can simply add your card details and the 꽁머니will get transferred to the opposite party within seconds directly from your bank account. The issue with this type of transaction is that anyone with some technical knowledge could interfere in this transaction of yours and loot your money before it reaches the seller. Instead, the seller himself would be a scammer and he could use your banking information to loot money in the future. Likewise, there are several options for the scammers out there to take your money without your knowledge and use them illegally. You have to beware of such scams and use your digital money safely. There would be some sites where the safety of your digital money is preserved and no one could take your money away. You should find such sites and make use of them. However, in this article, let us discuss some of the dangerous aspects of online shopping in brief.

Dangerous elements with online shopping

Fake sellers

Although you can see descriptions of the products with reviews from various people, the sellers listing their products on online shopping websites could be fake. However, they would ask you to pay online immediately to place your order. Once you do so by providing your credit or debit card details, they would not send you the products as agreed. Instead, they would use your banking and card information for other purposes. If you claim to your credit card issuer, you can get back the amount spent for this product alone. However, you could not stop them from using the card details further. 

Fake websites

At times, the entire e-commerce website you are ordering could be fake. If you use only reputed e-commerce sites, the chances for issues would be less. However, if you go with a new site because of attractive offers, you would fall into the trap. These websites would not be there to provide online shopping services to people. Instead, they would operate only to get the credit card information in the disguise of an e-commerce website.

Retail sellers

Sometimes, you would look to buy products from retail online sellers instead of e-commerce sites. In these cases, the person could ask you for banking details and could misuse them in the future. Also, you would not get the product even after payment.