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By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Google | #SearchForChange

A well-made reality check around Women’s Day that is correct because of the portrayed situations. Search flows naturally into the script. Sticks to the #BolneSeSabHoga mindset, but takes the conversation up a notch.

Google | Bolne Se Sab Hoga

Another one from the series held together by the core idea and the brilliant actor. With a nice twist at the end in the form of the line, ‘Bolne se kahani badlegi’.

Nanhi Kali | The Story of Two Lajjos

Nanhi Kali comes up with a winner again. This time we also make sure to shift uncomfortably in our seats as we are told the story of two lajjos. At some point, the film is sure to feel angry and guilty as well. In addition to using it as a trigger, the shared name and fate of the girl and animal underscore the importance of educating girls so they can feel human. Otherwise they are nothing more than cattle. A very striking message in a piece of paper made lighter – on purpose I’m sure – with the background score and treatment.

Bail Kolhu | Swaad Se Samjhauta Nahi

The first movie you saw in this series, with these three stars, all super performers from humble beginnings, with a theme that perfectly matched their personalities. This one takes the theme forward and follows their path to tasting success with hard work. Interesting placement of the stars in the kitchen cooking some delicacies suits the brand and arrived on time.

Spinny | Khushiyon Ki Long Drive

The journey of a used car customer is told with warmth and empathy. The happy family makes this feeling less about buying a “used car” and more about an upward shift. In fact, the brand manages to put a positive spin on the experience of buying a used car (and higher up in life) – through Spinny, of course. Sachin helps.

Phone Pe | No interruptions | Insurers you can rely on

So there are a whole bunch of movies from PhonePe that we missed, including the one above. Two of the insurance spots play on annoying insurance calls, a real pain point if there ever was one. When buying a financial product, simplification and reduction of paperwork is a boon. That’s what PhonePe promises. Previously, the brand underlined that only insurers can rely on its platform, with the trusty Aamir having another playful cameo.

Instagram | #You decide

The brand continues the vibe of the #InTheMaking series, featuring a group of young and restless people in all their elements. This set also makes it clear that they are in control, while maintaining the voice and feel of the brand. #YouDecide informs, in a language and tone that the public will listen to and understand.

Eve | #GimmeRed #IndiaHaiEveready

The iconic #GimmeRed line is back and how! The brand’s revamped campaign finds its unlikely protagonist in the bride in vibrant red making an airdrop into her own wedding. Full of energy, full of red.

Lemme Be | My story. Period.

I’ve heard more than one woman complain or even be outraged at some of the sanitary pad advertisements. The most common fear was that they were often far from reality. Think of the ladies jumping across the field, entering offices, etc. As well-intentioned as the work was, the reactions were not as intended. Here’s a brand in the category that speaks up and stays true to what it stands for. suggestive.

ICICI Lombard BeFit Cover | Cashless Lab Tests | Unbelievable but true

An alien child landing on someone’s lap is believable, but cashless lab tests are not. The “incredible” storyline that makes you wish you had written it, or have a moment to appreciate the writer.

Zebpay | #CryptoMeinPro

Taking a dip during a competition should seem fun when they’re done for a pittance, when they’ve spent millions. It must be even sweeter when they spend the millions on celebrity endorsers and that’s exactly what you do. That said, could this thought have been put forward a little more forcefully? Yes.

Magic Stones | Property Sahi, Aur Ab Services Sabhi | Mortgage

The brand ambassador continues to describe the services offered. This time it is the home loans via the app. Job done, with each added layer repeating the ‘Ab Services Sabhi’ message.

HomeAvenue | Finishing you need, guaranteed on time

“Incredibly good” is again the premise, but here expressed by the unstoppable joy of those who experience interiors of the brand. With the added ‘on time’ promise.

MediBuddy Gold | Unlimited expert advice

Doctor consultations for the whole family, sold by Amitabh Bachchan, while showing the different needs of each family member on the screen. The brand is positioned as the friend your family can turn to again and again for any medical need. On the spot.

slice | #SliceTasteChallenge #SabseThickSabseTasty

A new year, a new taste challenge, with a seemingly timeless brand ambassador. The brand has been sticking with the ‘sabse dik’ as a differentiator for quite some time now. Seems like a unique position to me. It is presumed that it also has to work in the market for it.

MyGlamm | Manish Malhotra Beauty | #BackstageToBackstreets

The brand has made clever use of the fashion designer’s equity to market its line of its beauty brand. The energetic display of fashion and beauty is driven by everyday women. Beauty for all finds articulation as ‘backstage to backstreets’. Posture, colour, energy and a few human touches make this canvas lively.

Ariel | #SeeEqual | Name change

A post that deserves a few more iterations gets one here. We’ve seen the campaign and here’s an extension of it, with a great artist. The ‘Name change’ device follows from the earlier work around the man’s early days with friends, when they shared household chores as equals. The #SeeEqual message is amplified, without melodrama. Maybe if Lola Kutty makes it light in a brighter place, more men will see — and understand — the message.

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